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Deep dive into Our Big Five legislative priorities

By February 22, 2021March 4th, 2021Blog


At the beginning of this legislative session, we decided to focus our advocacy on five bills: ones that will go the furthest to transform our state into a multiracial democracy, and prioritize communities of color.

The dizzying pace of legislative sessions doesn’t often allow for deeper reflection on why the bills we’re pushing for are so important. We wanted to take some time step back with some videos, podcasts, and articles that remind us why we’re in the fight and how the legislation we’re pushing for is fundamental to securing a more just and equitable world for future generations.


(1) Ranked-choice voting and multiracial democracy

Watch: George Cheung of More Equitable Democracy on How “Either/Or” Elections Fail Voters of Color

(2) Holding police accountable

Listen: Race, policing, and the universal yearning for safety (Podcast, VOX)

(3) Immigrant rights

Read: More Help for Washington’s Undocumented Community Could Be on the Way (Article, Crosscut)

(4) Climate resiliency

Read: Reliant Futures Report from the Climate Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy (Climate Alliance)

(5) Taxing the rich

Listen: Understanding the Wealth Tax with Economist Gabriel Zucman (Podcast)


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