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Trump moves deadline for census to October 15

By October 14, 2020February 13th, 2021News


As we reported back in September, every ten years, all residents — including citizens and non-citizens from the very youngest babies to oldest elders and including those who are houseless — are counted. These counts help to determine the number of Congressional seats and Electoral College voters as well as federal funding for cities and states for all kinds of programs ranging from education to transportation.

The Washington Census Alliance is a broad-based coalition composed of over 90 community organizations, including many in the South End. They have been working to ensure the widest possible count in our diverse communities, including Census 2020 participation in numerous languages, with youth, the houseless, and other underrepresented community members. According to their manager, Kamau Chege, it’s not over yet — Congress can extend the time to process the information to ensure accuracy of the information they do have:

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